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    Can I cover over my existing roof?

    Derek Lawler

      I’m planning to replace my whole roof but someone suggested me to cover the existing roof with the new one I’m not sure that it’s good for my home or not I f you guys have some knowledge about this specific issue kindly share it with me.

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          Alan Stoldt



          I would if I were you. It will be much simpler and easily accomplished. Kepp us posted and plenty of pics.

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            Bjorn Hulman

            Fasinating question. Not really sure of its relevance to this forum.


            Depends on whats wrong with the old roof. Over the years, be it SolidWorks related or 'real world' situations, I've found that doing something properly from the start is more efficient in the end.

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              Joe Kuzich

              Personally, I am not a big fan of covering up things that need to be replaced.  It is a common method and is usually fine, but I almost always go for the tear off.  The only time I wouldn't is the home owner was in a budget bind, the existing roof still looked flat and we had easy access to see the framing & sheathing from the attic.


              It really depends on your situation.  Where your located and what condition your homes in.  Do you get a lot of snow load where the weight of an additional layer may compromise the structure?  I have been amazed at some of the "nice" looking homes I have seen with very small or damaged framing.  Does your city allow multiple layer?  Most I am familiar with allow 2 layer.  What shape is your existing roof?  Obviously it must be worn, but is it still flat and in tact?  If you have missing shingles that would cause low spots or curled shingles that would cause humps you would have to fix those conditions as you went along.

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                Bill Beam

                Strange question for the solidworks forum.

                However, there's not a simple yes or no answer for that question.  It depends on several factors.  I'm assuming you have asphalt shingles on your roof now.  If that is the case have the edges started curling?  If they have then you would want to do a "tear off" and put a whole new roof on.  Do you have 3-tab or architectural shingles on your roof now?  Architectural shingles are a lot heavier than 3-tab, so if you have architectural on now and you go over the top of them with the same thing you better make sure your roof structure can handle the weight.  You never want to have more than 2 layers of shingles on a roof.  So if you have 2 layers on your roof now then do a tear off.  Doing a tear off is more expensive than just going over the existing roof.  So if you have 3-tab shingles now and your roof decking is in good shape then it is perfectly acceptable to go over the top of it.

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                  Hadleigh Murad

                  i'm surprised this has many replies, when as a few of my Solidwork Q's weren't answered lol. How strange.


                  NB - Just FYI i have no outstanding questions, in case someone were to reply.