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What alternatives does SW offer to caterpillars?

Question asked by Michael Schultz on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by Patrick O'Hern



We do a lot of assembly drawings that include piece parts that are welded together.  We recently have experimented with using caterpillars as an effective way of conveying weld intent.  They are great visibly on the print and our welders seem to prefer the graphic as opposed to reading the traditional weld symbols on the prints.  The problem is we are running SW 2010 and apparently caterpillars are unstable in this version (or that is was our Solidworks reseller has informed us).  We have noticed when creating pdf documents caterpillars that we once only and inch or so will extend themselves much longer than desired.  The caterpillars will also disappear at times. 


Can anyone offer any insight on how effective weld beads are?  Is this a good alternative to caterpillars?  I have played with it breifly, but it seems limited to parts that are mated coincident to one another.  If any air gap exists, the function does not appear to work. 


When the weld bead does work it adds another part to our pdm vault.  Is there anyway to avoid creating new parts when using this tool?


Are there any other suggestions other than the old tried and true method of actual weld callouts?


Thanks in advance,