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Lighting issues for interior designs

Question asked by Kin Lam on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2013 by Rob Rodríguez

Hello everybody


I tried to do a interior design in solidworks and render in PV360. Everything goes fine but the lighting setup. There are limitations of number of lights in solidworks. Only eight lights are allowed to add in single scene. So I tried to create all lights by myself, just created a model and mapped with light materials light like area light, leon tube, LED and so on. But it comes out not very good at all, some uneven black marks appeared on the surface of sofa and roof. I also tried to rendering it in different quality (good, better, best, max.). Black marks are still here.


Please see the attached image, the view you see is in a closed area with windows on side. There are only scene light (3 point faded) and one point light outside from window. Anyone has an idea to remove the black marks or improvements?