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Can multiple similar parts defined in context of the assembly be configurations of one part?

Question asked by John Haygarth on May 20, 2013
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I'm creating a steelwork assembly which is basically like a ladder. All members are I-beams. However, the two main girders (ladder sides/legs) supporting the cross beams (rungs) are curved and they are not parallel/concentric to each other. Therefore each cross beam needs to be a slightly different length and shape at its ends where it meets the main girders. The length and end shape is defined by sketches in the cross beam part which have coincident and offset relationships to the main girder parts in the assembly.

I don’t want to create many different parts which are basically the same but vary by a few millimetres – mainly because there will be design changes  in the near future and the same mods would have to be carried out on each and every cross member.

Can I use configurations of one part to create all the cross members? Or can sketches have only one solution for sizes defined by relationships in an assembly, not a solution for each configuration?

If I can’t do it with configurations, is there another way?