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    "Save as" & "Save as Copy" Description field missing

    Todd Davis

      I am two weeks into using my new machine, HP Z420 with windows 7 and Solidworks 2009 SP4.0 and have noticed a major issue.  When I try to do a "Save As" for an assembly or a part file the description field is missing.  It is not only missing but set to a blank field when I save.  Many of our parts are called the same thing with small differences.  It is really annoying now when I make a small change to a part and then print out my newly referenced drawing and the description is now blank.    Even worse and more frustrating than that is that now when I do a "Save as copy " it will clear or set the field to blank on the new part and the original part.


      Here are some more discussions on the issue or similar issues











      I can't try this last one as I don't have access to the knowledge base w/o a supscription service. 


      Any suggestions??



      Todd Davis