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2013 SW, can't find parts as well.

Question asked by robert dattilo on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by Ian McLean



      Something I noticed today, & it seems I hadn't noticed this before we got 2013, at least alot. I went to open an assy., & I got the message, that a certain component was

found, but it didn't match the internal I.D. that was previously there. Would I like to browse for it, or would I like to accept the one that it found. Well, the one it found

was a part that was in the development process in a certain folder. The one that I believe the Internal I.D was from was in the the final product folder.

     Why doesn't it continue searching for the correct I.D. any more. I would think that if it has the internal I.D., then it somehow registered or saved the part in the assy.

I'm having to do this alot at this time, & wondering if 2013 is a bit counter productive in this area.    

     Has anyone noticed this, or know more of what's happening. I did go hunt the part down, & I will save it, but wondering why it does this alot, when it didn't seem to do it before.


Thanks, for any imformation, or input in advance;


Rob_D SW 2013 sp3.