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    Hey y'all, it's been a while...  Which is better: 2012 SP0->SP5 or 2013 SP0

    Paul Passarelli

      The big drive on my computer crashed so I've upgraded my workstation from an xw4600 to an xw8600, and apparently I am forced to reinstall. 


      I'm out of subscription and have no intention of buying again; I'm still downloading my backups via Carbonite, so It'll be a while before I can get access to my SP5 downloads to upgrade the SP0 of 2012 to SP5.


      The last media I received before my service lapsed was 2013 SP0.  I never installed it until a few days ago. I tried to install it on the new PC a few days ago, but that install of Windows has since been wiped -- I misconfigured the RAID and had to restart a few times.  Not relevant, just sayin.


      As you know I've been around long enough to distrust anything labeled SP0, but, I thought I might inquire with an open mind.


      As I said in my farewell, I would not darken the doorstep of the forum unless *necessary*...  Since the s'ware will not allow me to migrate from one CPU to another without reeinstalling... it is necessary.


      Now I'm getting the following:


      The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2203.

      If the installation fails, contact Technical Support.

      If you continue, you may encounter further errors. If you contact Technical Support, be prepared to provide the installation log files available in this directory.


      Once again, the install process has disappointed.  This is a *BRAND NEW* install of Windows 7 Professional SP1 on a HP xw8600 XEON 3.33 GHz 8GB RAM, nVidia Quadro 1700, HP keyboard, Microsoft mouse, LightScribe DVDRW+R, 160GB C:\, 4x1TB RAID R:\, HP laserjet printer, Epson Scanner.


      Thanks in advance,


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