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Need help getting started with surfacing on interesting design!

Question asked by John Biddleston on May 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by Lenny Bucholz



I am starting a design project to draw this item:-




I wish to have maximum control over the model, and I have used SolidWorks since about 1999.


However, I suspect that this is a surfacing project? And I have not done much product design like this for a while.


I am unsure as to the best methods to start this item? Should I consider using surfaing, and if so how do I begin?


Perhaps there is a better way?


All I know how to do is to carve it from solids, which I think might not be so good. I want to get some nice curves on there, and realy be able to pull and tweak it so that it looks just right.


Can anyone suggest a point to start, and how to best go about this design in SolidWorks?


Kind regards,