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    Symmetry Fixture giving an error

    Matthew Perez

      Sim Error.jpg


      I have a valve, actually a few valves in 3 separate part files and studies, that are symmetric by design.  They were setup as assemblies in which i brought only the parts i needed into a multibody part to clean up for simulation.  here is the interesting thing.  On one of the valves I setup the entire study including the symmetry fixture and it works and runs fine.  If i go back into the symmetry fixture to edit the definition(really just looking at it), don't touch anything, and try to just OK out of it i get this error.  If i X out of it the study runs fine.  With almost an identical part setup, just a smaller size, I get this error and I am not able to apply the symmetry fixture to it. 


      I have tried to setup the model in different ways to see if it was my process.  The way everything was originally done was to use the FRONT plane to split all the solid bodies(there are 2 left after a delete body feature).  Thinking this was somehow the problem(although im not sure how all the faces wouldnt be coplanar with a FRONT plane split) I went back and made a sketch on the FRONT plane and extrude-cut away what wasn't needed.  Same problem.  Everything is restrained and bonded properly. 


      So I'm a little baffled why the first study i setup and ran everything worked fine, but now if i try to setup the smaller valves in the same exact way, or even edit the definition of the original one I get the above error.  I am running SW2013 Premium X64 SP3.0 and just did a clean uninstall and reinstall.  Nothing changed between the setup of the original study and the new study with my system or any of the parts/assemblies.  The files are proprietary so i can't share them, but hopefully I can answer any questions. 



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          Jared Conway

          Any change if you delete the bc and recreate it? What about a new study all together?


          If you follow the same process on a similar shaped and sized geometry does the problem exist?


          Knowing the answers to those will help narrow down the problem. But my first guess is the issue is geometry related. Check import diagnostics and then go back to your old model and see if it survives crtl q with verification ok rebuild enabled.

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              Matthew Perez

              Thanks for the reply Jared.  I will try to clarify.


              So model A was a brand new part.  I applied all the fixtures, loads, pressures etc and everything worked and ran fine.

              Model B was a similar part, nearly identical just smaller.  Again new part, applied all the loads, fixtures, pressures etc BUT when I apply the Symmetry fixture I get the error above in my first post.  After this I went back and changed teh way I split the model thinking it was a geometry issue.  Same thing.  Next I went back to Model A and simply "edit definition" on the symmetry fixture.  If I OK this i get the error.  If i "X" out of it everything runs and works fine.  Im not really sure how I applied this fixture to Model A and now it doesnt work.  I tried Model B again, starting a new part, new study, duplicate study etc, all with the same error.


              I have currently made another study where I am not using the symmetry fixture because I didnt have time to mess around with it anymore, but I still would like to figure out what the issue is.  I know the faces are coplanar because I use a single plane and a single split feature to cut the bodies up.  It is 2 bodies in a multi body part.  I have tried applying the symmetry to just 1 of those or even 1 face and still get the same error.  It is making me think the issue is in the symmetry fixture dialog and not the model, BUT i didnt model these parts and there is a lot of complicated geometry.  The symmetry fixture works on a simple revolved part and simple extruded parts in my tests. 


              what really has me baffled is why model A would let me apply the symmetry, but then when i edit it i get the error...

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                  Jared Conway

                  it sounds like an issue with the symmetry mate. there were a lot of changes in 2013 like the visualization of the mirrored part that you see when you create it..etc. it could be that the checks are more rigorous or working incorrectly causing your problem since you're saying that the model is in good shape.


                  until you sort out the issue, for now, just apply symmetry the "old way". use on flat face, restrain the normal direction.


                  probably best to submit the issue to your reseller. before doing that i'd perform the checks suggested above.


                  ctrl-q with VOR and import diagnostics will confirm it isn't a model issue.


                  new BC inside the same study will confirm it is a corrupt bC.


                  new study inside the same part will confirm that it is a corrupt study.


                  geometry modeled/cut directly (go back to your original model) or a model with the same shape/size will confirm the problem is related to your workflow of exporting and importing.

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                Mladen Pavlovic

                i have similar problem and would like to expand this issue a bit. I am using SW 2014 SP1



                I have a complex part (but nothing crazy)  which i have cut in half, by creating rectangular sketch and extrude-cut. I have 9 faces which were cut and none of them accepts to be mirror-fixed. i have tried selecting all of the faces and only one of them. Neither worked.


                in the meantime i have used restrain on all of those faces to go around this problem.



                Does anyone has an update to this issue?