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    Problem using IEdmTemplate53::RunEx

    Brian Dalton

      I'm trying to use this command to run a template and get the path to the file created by it.  I can use the IEdmTemplate::Run command successfully, but this one won't even compile because the VS2008 IDE complains that it doesn't recognize the constants called out in the code.


      I am using code straight out of the API reference and I made sure to declare the template object as type IEdmTemplate53.  I have no idea why the IDE complains that these things aren't declared.  There's no declaration for them in the example code in the API reference... What am I missing?


      not declared.jpg


      This image shows the highlighted references that VB2008 can't recognize.  If these things aren't included in the EdmLib, where are they?

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          Charley Saint



          Had to launch an archeological expedition for this one, use EdmDataType as the qualifier


          While idx <= upper

                      data = retData(idx)

                      Select Case data.Type

                          Case EdmDataType.EdmData_File

                              row = "Type=File, Path=" + data.Get(EdmDataPropertyType.EdmProp_Path)

                          Case EdmDataType.EdmData_Folder

                              row = "Type=Folder, path=" + data.Get(EdmDataPropertyType.EdmProp_Path)

                          Case EdmDataType.EdmData_Variable

                              row = "Type=Variable, Name=" + data.Get(EdmDataPropertyType.EdmProp_Name) + ", Value=" + data.Get(EdmDataPropertyType.EdmProp_Value)

                          Case Else

                              row = "Unknown data type"

                      End Select



                      idx = idx + 1

                      message = message + row + vbLf

                  End While