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    User cannot check-out file !!

    Udayan Sengupta

      One user has been given Group Level access(Development Engineer) in Production Vault. He has rights to check-out file as per Group Rights. *


      Kinito_Access_Rights.png    Dev Engg Group Settings.png


      But, he cannot check-out any file in Production Vault (Ex: ECN) as check-out option is showing inactive.




      Even if the Check-out option from the toolbar is used, the following error pop-up is shown : (different file as ECN pop-up was one-time event)




      I need a resolution fast !!



      * [N.B. - All this works only if he is granted 'Admin' access rights]

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          Charley Saint



          Can you include a screentshot of the users state rights to Released in the Artwork workflow?

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              Udayan Sengupta

              Hi Cahrley,


              I may have placed the question incomplete.


              This person is creating ECN; he needs to modify them and send for review afterwards.

              Though he has Group Level rights for check-out, he is not able to do the same as Check-out button is showing up Inactive.


              As per your request, here is the screen :




              This is correct as user can check-out & modify file only at Initiation state; afterwards, only Admin has access to check-out until it is Revised. As per the following screen he has group level access to check-out files in ECN Release(workflow) > Initiation(state).




              Also, right now I have created a Dummy User and added him to Development Engineer Group;the same errors are occuring.

              If you require a screen share, let me know.

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                  Charley Saint



                  In your original post the file that the user didn't have checkout rights to was in the closed state, which I assume he shouldn't have checkout rights to since it has the same icon as released. Is his problem that when he creates an ECN it automatically goes to Closed after he checks it in? It that's the case then the intial state might have gotten changed or there could be an automatic transition moving the files to Closed. Every screenshot you've attached looks correct, can you verify he can check out any file that is in the Initiation state?