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Flow Simulation - Mass Flow Rate of a model

Question asked by Stuart Gunn on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by Stuart Gunn

Hi All,


I'm trying to find out a way of measuring the Mass Flow Rate within a Flow Simulation Analysis.

(I have SW 2013 Premium with the Flow Simulation package and the Electronic Cooling Module)


The only results of this type that I can get are at the inlet and outlet of my model as they are setup as boundary conditions (and perforated plates).

What I would ideally like is a cut plane graph of the mass flow rate similar to those of Velocity and Temperature.


I have tried adding in a none heat reactive part (insulator) that I could measure the Mass Flow Rate on but it still effects the model.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to achieve the readings I'm looking for?


The model is of an electronic enclosure with 2 Resistor components, PCB, HDD, Heat Sinks, fans and heat pipes.

The area I'd like to know the Mass Flow is within the Heat Sinks but anywhere within the model will do.


I realize this is post processing but I have a feeling something needs to be added to allow the results in post.


Any tips will be appreciated.