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Exploded View to Drawing

Question asked by Nathan Cassou on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by Nathan Cassou

So I'm working with version 2013 standard. I am having an issue with puting exploded views into a drawing. What happens is that I will complete an assembly and then I will click on the Exploded View feature and start to spread the parts out. When I finish, I click the check button the Exploded View feature closes. I go the Feature Manager and tell the model to Collapse. I then click on the Exploded View feature again to edit (let's say I didn't like the distance on one part) and the assembly stays in its collapsed state making me have to spread the parts out again. This however is not the "default" exploded view so everytime I try to put an assembly into a drawing it will only explode to that the "default" that I tried to make changes to.


I also tried to explode the assembly and then open a drawing to then insert it as Current View, but the assembly collapses automatically when I minimize it.