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3dXML does not run properly

Question asked by Nacho Hernandez on May 16, 2013


we have installed 3dXML (v. 12.13.12076) player on Windows 8 64 bit. It was working fine and we could view 3dXML files. The problem is that the computer connected to internet and start updating Operating Systems staff with the Windows Automatic Updates. After that the 3dXML player stopped responding and we could not view 3dXML's any more. The player shows error: "3dXML player is not responding".

We now is supposed 3dXML player does not support Windows 8, but we could make it work properly in a first instalation.

Does anyone know if there is any configuration on windows that makes de player stop responding properly?

We tried to reinstall the player again, to come back to previous configuration in Operating System ("System recovery"), but the problem is still there.


Thanks in advance.