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ATTN: GearHeads! I need engine/head data for exhaust designs

Question asked by Dan Bertschi on May 15, 2013

Hi Everyone!


Not quite sure where to put this request... I'm looking for a reliable resource for 3D models of engines for exhaust header design.  I know SEMA members have access to some, and I actually have that base covered.  However, I've learned that not all automotive companies supply data to SEMA.  Can anyone recommend an accurate resource?  I'm currently lining up a FARO Arm guy for hard geometry creation, but I know this data is out there... SOMEWHERE...  it's just a matter of finding it.


I know there are plenty of gear heads out there who might be able to help.  I'm interested in just any type of performance application, but especially V8 motors.


Thanks for any direction you can provide...   reluctantly going to search the main 3D model sites...