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    Size graphics in photoshop for use in solidworks as decals

    Salmon Nortje

      Hey i was wondering what method is the most efficient when creating graphics in photoshop that you want to use as decals in solidworks?


      How do you go about sizing the graphics in photoshop so it fits the area you want in solidworks? Should i take a screenshot of my solidworks model and import that into photoshop and then create my decals according to that or what is the process people advice?


      Its my first time attempting to work with decals so any advice would be greally appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Douglas French

          We do decal design in Illustrator, which is probably better than PS.  Here's an overview:



          1. In SW, make a drawing of the view or views (shaded with edges) that the decal/printing is to be applied.
          2. export this as a PDF or AI file with high quality shaded edges turned on to output vector edges.  The PDF/AI file keeps everything scaled 1:1.
          3. open this file in AI and design the art.  Put the SW geometry on a separate layer.
          4. We use the artboards/crop areas in AI to control the size of the images that will be exported.  We usually make the artboard centered on the face/part so that it is easy to apply the decal in SW.  Then you don't have to move the decal in SW.  It's simply centered.
          5. Then we turn off the part layer and export to PNG with transparency at 1000 dpi (1 pixel = .001 inches).  A 1000 x 1000 pixel PNG will be 1 inch x 1 inch.
          6. Then apply the decal in sw, use decal image alpha channel to maintain the transparancy.  Choose the face(s) and resize it based on the resolution (1 pixel = .001 inches)