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Breaking link to lower level assembly

Question asked by John Pagel on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by John Pagel

I am currently working on an assembly (A1) which was comprised of individual parts and one lower level assembly (A2).  The purpose for the change was the break the lower level assembly into single components and re-insert them inidividually.  In the model I had no problem but in the drawing there was somhow a link between the A1 and A2.  The part number of the drawing is listed as A1 but the title block is comprised of data from A2.  I have confirmed that this data is linked to the model.


It seems to me that solidworks somehow believes that the drawing is for A1, the views it should bring in are from A1, but the references for the data are from A2.  If I check the model and drawing out it is also listing a drawing for A2 as checked out in the background  Is there anyway to break these links?  I don't even mind starting the drawing from scratch but currently that does not seem to break the link either.  Thanks for any help.