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Pack and Go - Selecting Destination, Vault, "You can't create a new folder here."

Question asked by Iain Hendry on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by Iain Hendry

Typical workflow:


1.  Open or import assembly from another user or location, into some specific local folder (ie, desktop).

2.  File > Pack and Go.  Add a prefix, etc., prepare for saving to vault.

3.  Browse under save to folder to save files to.  Get to destination folder (ie, a job folder in the vault)

4.  Need one more folder.  Press "New Folder" - error message as shown below.




Very annoying as the selection process for clicking through multiple folders to get to the path takes a long time, and why have a "New Folder" button if it doesn't work?