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    how does tracer study work?

    Dan Hofstetter

      Hi all,


      I saw the tracer study in the HVAC module demonstrated a while ago, and was wondering if it is really necessary for the work I am doing.  I am running transient simulations to determine the amount of time needed to reduce a gas contaminant to a low level (100 ppm for example).  It seems that the best thing I can do for this is to run a steady-state simulation with a zero contaminant concentration, then have the contaminant gas "appear" (time-dependent concentration) and run the simulation until it is all gone.  Is this essentially what the tracer study does?





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          Jared Conway

          what will your initial conditions in the room be? how will the contaminant leave?


          tracer study is similar to the particle study. in a particle study you solve the flow problem and then create injections to track where they would go in the flow stream. tracer study is similar except that you're working with gases.


          check out S-056980 in the solidworks KB, it has a great description and comparision between the tools