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Newbie trying to work with .dxf files

Question asked by Brittany Brewer on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by Davif Dsdas



I'm hoping someone with a lot of patience can help me out. I am completely unfamiliar with .dxf files. I have never worked with them.


We have asked our local sheet metal contractor to cut out our company logo into a 4 foot wide piece of sheet metal. This is to be hung on the wall in our office. He requested that I blow up the logo to the size that we wish to have, and to convert to a .dxf file.


I have my file in the correct size in a pdf format. I used several free pdf to dxf converter programs to see which one turned out the best. I have been using the free SolidWorks eDrawing viewer to open these files. When I open the dxf files, they look nothing like our company logo. The font looks like it's been changed, a graphic is missing, things have been moved around. Is this supposed to happen?


Sorry if my questions are dumb--please be patient with me. I will appreciate anyone's helpful response. Thank you!