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Question asked by Nicholas Russell on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by Hans-Jorg Brenzikofer

I have been trying for the past several days to install solidworks on my home PC. I have a HUL completed through my employer with many available seats.

The problem is primarily with the Dassault website; firstly it cannot be used with chrome, which is not my main complaint. Second, I get one of two outcomes when 'registering my product': one is a blank window which says "Message:" and nothing else. The other outcome is to be returned to the home page with no message and no options 'unlocked' such as downloads or things that require a subscription. This all occurs after I enter my 16-digit serial from work and select the version of solidworks we have and press 'next.' If I try to go to the downloads link under support, there are no download links available. I try to log back in using the link where the downloads would be listed and get an error about the web page. This is all very frustrating and leaves me feeling nothing but empathy for those who acquire this software illegally. That's my rant. Anyone have info on how I might be able to get the download links working?