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Is it me or did decals change?

Question asked by Carmelo Treviso on May 13, 2013
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Hi guys, I'm working on an assembly for a circuit board. My SOP is usually to have the main board done up then I scan the actual PCB and create a decal from it. I place the decal on the PCB which allows me to place the parts in the proper location. As I no longer layout the assembly steps, I usually will create an assembly of each main sequence. When I've placed the parts I save the assembly and then I will also save the assembly off as a solid part. This helps with the next part of the assembly by not calling out all the parts on my BOM for the second assembly sequence.


So anyway, when I pull up the solid part of that assembly the decal is usual gone so I go into the decal and add it back in and save it a solid part with the decal in place then begin the 2nd stage of assembly parts. Well this time around I went to add the decal but the option to browse is no longer there. The only option is to Open the Decal Library and I dont place my decals that I make in this folder. By the way they are JPG files due to our scanner setup. So I tried to browse from there and add the folders (which are blue) but no dice due to file type .p2d.


I've alway been able to browse to my jpegs, now I can't. Any ideas if this is a SP3 change? Options?