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    Unable to select and apply dimensions to detailed views "Sometimes"

    William Turpin

      This morning I was able to select and apply center lines to a detailed view. But now I can not so much as select an edge to apply a dimension. The view does select the part but can not see any edges, corners and etc.


      There are 2 detailed views and both are dead as well as other detailed views on other sheets. The Parent views I do not have an issue. The section view is from a section view of an airframe. Only at the detiled view I seem to be having this issue.


      This is not a new issue. Been having this issue for a few weeks, but before i was able to save the drawing, close the drawing and reopen. Most times it fixes the problem. When that fails close the drawing and model then reopen some times fixes the problem.. So far Closing Drawing, Drawing and Model then Drawing, Model and Restart Solid Works, and still NO JOY.



      Any one with any ideas?