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Part no showing up in Bom

Question asked by robert dattilo on May 13, 2013
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     I have added a a single part with a single configuration to an assy., that has an attached drawing. When I go into the drawing the bom show's the description of the part, but not the part no. I don't think it's the way anything is set, because in a similar one I deleted the bom, & stuck another one in & the part no. showed up. My concern is, when adding a part why should I have to delete the entire bom, & start fresh. When inserting a new one, it can scramble nos., delete typed entres' and a series of other things. I would like it to just show the new item in the bom at the end. Is there a way to do this without, having to delete the bom, & insert another, just because of adding one item?


Thanks, in advance for any input;


Rob_D SW 2013 sp3