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help with motion analysis

Question asked by Tesfaye Wakessa Gussu on May 12, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by Jared Conway

Dear everyone,


After I specified the tasks in the event based motion analysis,I recieved massages regarding the simulation which I haven't faced before and not know how to solve this message.In order for to try is I don't know where I can find the parameters such as HMIN,where to find and change the integeration type and its value.

what does  it mean by this things?

STFINT:MIN_STEP_SIZE HMIN=1.000000000E-07; Reached At Time=1.593980943E-01.

The integrator could not advance the simulation.

An attempt to further decrease the integration step-size failed.

Suggested course of action:

1. Decrease the value of HMIN.

2. Relax the accuracy requirements (ERROR) on the integrator.

3. Increase the number of iterations allowed for convergence.

4. Revisit the way the mechanical system has been modeled.

Last good step-size: 1.525878906E-07. 


please help me with problem solved .even if these are to many things to be considered any help from you is appreciated.


many thanks