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    Ahmad Ayesh

      hello every body,


      I'm working on a workflow that combine between Design & manufacturing as attached


      first we start with the design & approve it then we order for material & then we start the manufacturing process.


      The first step in the manufacturing process is toi create CNC programs, now the manufacturing team have an access to SW files so they can create mastercam files and the NC files, & of course they have to check it in to the vault & herer is the problem: when they check in the nc files these files are not at the same state, they treated as SW files..


      how can I assign a rule that when nc file is created at this state to be tattached to the other files so we can proceed with the workflow??

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          Ravi Teja


                    Do you want the NC Program to directly reach "Create CNC Program" State. Is there a specifi folder where these CODES are checked into.


          1. Create a new workflow for nc codes and use a "Workflow link" to get the files from new WF to  "Create CNC Program" state in attached WF.


          2. Or you can have a transition from"Design under Editing" state to the "Create CNC Program" state and make it automatic.Transition must alloow only the files you want to send.Use Filename,Extension or variables as conditions.




          Ravi T

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              Ahmad Ayesh

              I just used new workflow with conditions, it works almost what i need, but what i actually need it to put all the proccess in one workflow

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                  John Dockstader

                  I think you are right to create a second workflow.  I'm struggling with trying to keep my number of workflows limited but, if you look at it from the lifecycle of the file, CNC programs don't go through the same stages as CAD files.  CAD get changed a lot before you are ready to go.  Hopefully, CNC programs are right the first time (or close to it as crashes can be costly ).  The CAD file should be at a released and locked state before CNC programming starts.


                  If you are going to have the NC program linked to the CAD files and want transitions to pull CAD as well, you'll need to name the transitions the same in both workflows.  For instance, if you had a transition called "CNC programming approved" in both you could have that transition updated a status on the CAD drawing.



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                Tim Webb

                Hi Ahmad,


                I quickly put together a workflow to demonstrate the method I've used for handling this in the past.

                cnc workflow.JPG


                I recommend using Ravi's #2 suggestion in your case.


                Use a variable on the data card (could be hidden) called "Is CNC" (or something like this) with a default value of "No" for sldprt, slddrw, sldasm, doc, docx, etc. files

                is cnc card.JPG


                Use the same variable on the data card for files with extension "nc"

                cnc card.JPG


                Use your initial state in the engineering workflow with an automatic transition to jump files to the "Create CNC Program" state if the file extension is ".nc" and the "Is CNC" variable value is "Yes".

                jump to cnc.JPG

                In the "Send to Simulation" transition, the condition needs to be

                send to simulation.JPG


                This methodology will let your initial state pass all files except "nc" files into the "Simulation" state while passing all files with extension "nc" straight to the "Create CNC Program" state.


                I have used this several times with great success. Hope this helps.


                Tim CEPA