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Macro to open parts in a folder and save as another file type

Question asked by Daniel Caplan on May 12, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by Francis Cadin



I need an easy way to have SW open a bunch of part files in a folder (but not necessarily all parts in the folder) and then save each part as both a STEP AP214 and an STL. I was thinking something along the lines of running a macro that brings up a dialog so that I can select all the files I want to save as, and then opens each one, saves it as both of those filetypes, then closes it, and then moves on to the next part selected. I tried recording exactly this and it works great, except that the file I used to record it is hard-written in to the script. So really I only need a way of telling SW which files I want to save.



Any suggestions?