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Problems Installing Newer Version of Solidworks 2012

Question asked by Michael Vegh on May 11, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by Student Support

So I had a previous version of SW installed on my computer and tried to delete it and wasn't able to get everything apparently; after installing the newer version with the license, there was a conflict and I tried deleting both.


I tried uninstalling it and all related files so I can reinstall it, but I keep getting the message that it is being used by another program (which I am not able to find in task manager).


Furthermore, when I tried reinstalling from the CD, I get the message


"Installation project error: The project file does not exist (C:\Windows\SolidWorks\IM_20120-40200-1100-100\sldim\)

Notify your administrator. {14000}"


In addition, I am unable to select "individual installation" in the installation manager anymore, so I cannot try reinstalling things from scratch. My guess this is due to leftover files that I am unable to delete due to other programs using them, that I am unable to find.


Does anyone know how I can get rid of these leftover files, so I can finally install Solidworks properly?