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Could not obtain license for Solidworks Standard - Server node is down or not responding

Question asked by Ryan Martin on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by Walter Fetsch


I just got home from college this past week, and I noticed that I could not open SolidWorks. I believe this error that it gives me is the same as when I have no network connection. But I have a network connection. I have gone through other discussions about this topic and tried some of the advice but still won't work for me. I installed SolidWorks 2012 through my university, and I am running the Educational Edition. I don't know if that affects my situation, but I thought maybe it was because I'm not on the university's network? If there is any other info that you might need to help me, just let me know and hopefully I will be able to provide it for you.