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DWG Connector: a tool to manage DWG files' structure and BOM in EPDM

Question asked by Jason Zhou on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by Zhong Zhou

Today, I would like to introduce you a tool named DWG Connector that we developed for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. DWG Connector is a productivity solution that integrates with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM seamlessly. It extracts DWG files’ BOM and title block data information, and then build product structure automatically when DWG files checked into SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. BOM information stores in SQL Server database and is accessible from SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Editor and Contributor clients.


Now DWG Connector supports English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese languages, and more languages might will be supported in the future depending on the requirement.


DWG Connector features:

  1. Extract BOM of DWG files and store in SQL Server automatically
  2. Build product structure of DWG files automatically
  3. List in-place (virtual) components in product structure
  4. Support to check in-place (virtual) components “Where Used” relationship
  5. Export BOM as Excel and XML


Below are two screenshots for check in and BOM viewer, to give you a quick look about this tool.





More info please refer to video:


Feel free to contact us for free evaluation,