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    Rename part and drawing simultaneously

    Alex M



      So I have (for example) a folder named MyStuff which contains the files MyPart.SLDPRT and a corresponding drawing MyPart.SLDDRW. Is there a quick way of renaming the part and drawing at the same time? The two options I can think of are:


      1. Use Solidworks Explorer. However this seems to only allow me to rename one file at a time so I would have to rename the part file and then the drawing file. This is ok but is time consuming if I have 50 parts I want to rename.


      2. Use Pack & Go. As far as I know this will only create a copy of the files in the same folder though which means I now have MyPart.SLDPRT, MyPartRenamed.SLDPRT, MyPart.SLDDRW and MyPartRenamed.SLDDRW in the one folder which is messy. It also will not update any assemblies in which MyPart.SLDPRT is used.


      Any suggestions?





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          Shahid Shaik

          Nope, it's not possible. you can achieve this using a API may be. To find the file and references file and rename all at a time. i remember my collegues have done similar to this for EPDM to convert legacy doc's.

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            Bjorn Hulman

            Pack and go will copy the file to any destination you like, such as /My New Part. It can also do a replace on all file names so that the copied files are now MyNewPart.SLDPRT and MyNewPart.SLDDRW. You can also search items in realtion to the directory the are in, say you have a standard components folder where you don't want these files to be replicated or the references alterd, you can search that folder name and uncheck all. It's probably exactly the toll you're after. Especially when you get to lager assemblies.