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Rename part and drawing simultaneously

Question asked by Alex M on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by Bjorn Hulman



So I have (for example) a folder named MyStuff which contains the files MyPart.SLDPRT and a corresponding drawing MyPart.SLDDRW. Is there a quick way of renaming the part and drawing at the same time? The two options I can think of are:


1. Use Solidworks Explorer. However this seems to only allow me to rename one file at a time so I would have to rename the part file and then the drawing file. This is ok but is time consuming if I have 50 parts I want to rename.


2. Use Pack & Go. As far as I know this will only create a copy of the files in the same folder though which means I now have MyPart.SLDPRT, MyPartRenamed.SLDPRT, MyPart.SLDDRW and MyPartRenamed.SLDDRW in the one folder which is messy. It also will not update any assemblies in which MyPart.SLDPRT is used.


Any suggestions?