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    how to get turbulent flow trajectories

    Syue Zazi


      i'm new to solidworks flow simulation and i'm trying to simulate the model that i attached using solidworks flow simulation to get the flow trajectories.

      but sadly i didn't get the turbulent flow, the flow is just passing through the arrow without having turbulent flow.

      i used air as fluid with velocity 35m/s. can anybody please tell me why?

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          Bill McEachern

          pick a trailing edge for he source of hte flow trajectories. I did not download or look at your model. Post a picture of what you got. What you are expecting could be an issue. Depends.

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            Jared Conway

            Hi, there was no flow simulation project in that file that you attached. Are you doing this as an external flow problem? Please post pictures that show what you're seeing and a model with the flow project in it.


            Based on the description, the flow going through the arrow, it is very possible you've set this up as an internal analysis and as such, the flow would only be on the inside the arrow instead of the outside. I'd recommend checking out some of the tutorials before going too much further.


            Also, can you elaborate on what you mean by "turbulent flow trajectories"? Flow trajectories are flow trajectories. They aren't turbulent or laminar. They plot parameters and show you where a particle would travel if you could watch it and track it. It may show areas of turbulence or laminar flow but they aren't specifically one or the other.