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    Adding Files to Vault, initial check in order?

    Laura Whittle

      What controls the order of the initial check in on the files in the vault?


      Attached are three drawing file's history with the check in happening in different orders. All of these drawing use the same attached workflow.


      The automatic transition just sets variables to blank and set the revision to next revision.


      Workflow.pngFile 1.pngFile 2.pngFile 3.png

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          Charley Saint



          The order of operations in the history dialog is a bit of a mess. Since all 3 operations occur at essentially the same time there are some hueristics involved in putting them in order. That being said the order that's reported in the history dialog is not indicative of the order of how things occur in EPDM. Created is a timestamp of when the file was first saved in the vault, not the first check in as it would have you believe. The initial check-in is recorded as "Initial transition to 'Initial State'" so for your workflow that's first, then version 2 is checked in with the variable changes, then the file enters the "Work In Progress" state, just like you would expect.