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    Centerline not viewable, unable to delete or make new.

    Matt Mengel

      In my drawing I used the centerline command to add a centerline between to parallel lines (the sides of a feature). I added an angular dimension from another centerline to this centerline. It is rotated 30deg. I then realized I wanted to change the scale of my view so I changed it to 1:1 and added a break to allow the view to fit on my A size sheet. The dimension to my centerline moved on the sheet to the left. I deleted the dim., refreshed the drawing and the centerline disappeared. I assumed the centerline must have been deleted with the dimension. Not the case. I then tried to insert a new centerline but SW tells me "there is centerline already existing between these entities". If I hover to the right of the feature, I can see an orange dot that I believe is indicating the endpoint of the mystery centerline. I cannot select it.

      I placed another view on the sheet (same orientation) and added the centerline, dim, break, and it worked just fine. I could delete my view and start over but I would really like to know what to do if this occurs in the future.


      Is there a way to show the centerline that I don't know about?