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Question asked by Vikram Pichandi on May 8, 2013
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I am trying to find out what is the difference between RAPIDFORM XOR and RAPIDWORKS? I am planning for a decent scanner with decent price on it, I am not looking for high accuracy scanner since they are so expensive.


All I know is,

1.  Rapid works only work with next engine scanner and Rapidform is universal. But the price difference is really way high for rapidform XOR than compared to a $3000 rapidworks.

2. RapidWorks and RapidForm does same work and developed by same company RapidForm.


Why is there a heavy price difference? Which one is better to buy?


Still I have not decided on which scanner to buy yet, as there is a lot of scanners in market with various price ranges.


Has anyone worked on Next engine scanner? Do they work as they promise with accuracy?


Please help me out with this.