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    3D Scanner & Software

    Vikram Pichandi



      I am trying to find out what is the difference between RAPIDFORM XOR and RAPIDWORKS? I am planning for a decent scanner with decent price on it, I am not looking for high accuracy scanner since they are so expensive.


      All I know is,

      1.  Rapid works only work with next engine scanner and Rapidform is universal. But the price difference is really way high for rapidform XOR than compared to a $3000 rapidworks.

      2. RapidWorks and RapidForm does same work and developed by same company RapidForm.


      Why is there a heavy price difference? Which one is better to buy?


      Still I have not decided on which scanner to buy yet, as there is a lot of scanners in market with various price ranges.


      Has anyone worked on Next engine scanner? Do they work as they promise with accuracy?


      Please help me out with this.

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          Lenny Bucholz

          Rapidworks is a deal between NextEngine and RapidForm aka 3D systems who have now bought Geomagic.


          i have used both works and Geomagic...Geo rocks and I wouldn't use anything else , but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for Geo and $ for Works.


          again if this is for work and you need it to be fast and easy Geo is the way big money up front will save bigger money in the end as you will get work done faster and you wont be buying the better software later because the less expensive didn't cut it.


          now RapidForm\Works offers traing at there office 2199 for 2 people 3 days ... just got the quote.


          have the nextengine but just started to use... seam ok ....heck it was 10 k for everything of course educational pricing.

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              Vikram Pichandi

              Thank you Lenny for your prompt reply.  It now gave me a better idea.


              What do you think about RapidForm XOR and Geomagic Spark? My primary purpose is for reverse engineering.


              My thoughts and questions,

              1. rapidform have a little tough UI compared to Geomagic spark, is this true?

              2.  I heard rapidformXOR is powerful tool for reverse engineering, is that true?

              3. Geomagic is useful in locking the cloud data to to capture a perfect scan with less error compared to rapidform? what is your thoughts in this?

              4. I do not see a price difference in both.

              5. is both software a universal tool?

              6. Does both software support dumb and parametric modeling?


              I really appreicate your help.