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Weldment Profiles - Extraction

Question asked by Anthony Patterson on May 8, 2013
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So I downloaded the ANSI weldment profiles from the Design Library and extracted them to the appropriate folder. Now though, when I go to select "type" for new structural members, I see duplicates of the same type just listed under different names - for instance Square Tubing is listed as "AI Tube (square)" , "square tube" , and " Tube (square)". Different sizes seem to be available for each type as well and also the naming conventions are different (e.g.  4 SQ x .500 Wall  vs.  TS4x4x0.5). Does it matter which one I use as far as properties or the BOM is concerned? Should I delete the duplicates that I don't need?


I tried extracting the files to a custom folder in the weldments profiles location, but that just created a subfolder which I was not able to access through the weldments (structural member) feature tree.


Any help would be much appreciated.



(I attached the same picture as shown below in case it is unreadable)