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need some help with overlaying a "steel skin" on a radius of part

Question asked by Dave Krum on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by Patrick O'Hern

Hello All,

I was asked to help the foreman in shop to draw/design in SW a conference table for the boss and some of the steel parts will need to be rolled to certain radiuses.  I'm not experienced enough yet to know how to "lay" a sheet metal skin on a curve and then unroll it later to get flat pattern (and burn / form it in shop).  For starters, I thought I'd try a simple extrusion with draft and put a steel rolled plate along the curve then try to get the flat off of it.  Not sure how to start this out though.  I believe from reading on here in the past, I need to use "convert entities" and pick the curves in order to get my basic shape.  Then turn the outline of the part into a sheet metal entity using "convert to sheet metal"?  I've attached the simple .sldprt file.  I'd like to lay a sheet metal skin over the curved area of extrusion so that all ends are flush.  Then have the ability to flatten it and use the .dxf for flamecutting.  Any insight would be great.  Thanks!


I've also attached the PDF of the project below which I ultimately need to tackle once I have the basics down.  The red arrows are pointing at the spots where a sheet metal skin will need to be welded in.  Not too hard to figure out if the main front view wasn't bowed out towards the ends which makes it tricky.