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    How to thicken or offset a surface by varying amounts

    Dan Murphy

      I am trying to model an aircraft wing skin. I have a surface completed in Solidworks which defines the entire outer mold line of the wing. Now, I know that I can use the "offset" or "thicken" commands to give a thickness to the skin. However, in several areas, the thickness of the skin has a linear taper (ie, .180 thick at one cross-section to .120 thick at a cross-section further outboard, with the thickness varying linearly between these points). What's the best way to model this? Because the airfoil shape actually changes as well, it isn't as simple as drawing two cross-sections, one at each end, and lofting between them. I could perhaps draw numerous cross-sections and loft them all together to get close, but this is very tedious and it seems like there should be an easier way.


      Thanks in advance for your help