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Patterened elements disapear when I create a subassembly

Question asked by Rick McDonald on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by Rick McDonald

I have seen several posts about patterned parts and subassemblies but none where the parts vanish like is happening to me.


I pulled a handful of parts into an assembly and one of the parts is a roller that I need several of.

I pulled in one part of the roller and then created a linear pattern of it and mated all the parts concentrically around a shaft (this creates a tree item "LocalPattern".

This was not a problem.

Then I Ctrl-LMB on each of the parts in the tree that I want to make into a subassembly (including the local pattern).

Then RMB and select "Form New subassembly here".

Now I get a box "Assembly Structure Editing" that shows "components to Move", Destination Assembly"  and a Warning: "Features that will be deleted:" box.

This warning box shows my local pattern and each instance of the rollers that was created by the pattern (the original instance of the roller is not included).

I have included this screenshot along with the roller assembly - before selecting the move button.

After selecting the move button the pattern is gone - I have also attached pictures of the result.


Is this a normal condition?

Is there a way to keep the array?



Another thing I don't understand, the first time I made a subassembly I was able to save it to a folder location as a separate assembly,

after that first time It appears to only be a virtual assembly - any thoughts?