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Upgrading from EPDM 2012 to EPDM 2013

Question asked by Moses Levy on May 7, 2013

We are preparing to upgrade from EPDM 2012 SP2 to EPDM 2013 SP3.


All our clients are now running Windows 7. Most of them are loaded with the 64 bit OS.


We have a mixed CAD environment. We are now using SolidWorks 2012 and we have our legacy Pro/Eng Wildfire 4.0.


My question is, has anyone had any issues specifically with Wildfire 4.0 and EPDM 2013 with the Pro/Eng Connector plugin.

Am I going to loose any functionality or am I going to maybe gain some bug fixes that we have today.


Unfortunately, we still have too many documents in Pro/Eng that this would be a show stopper if EPDM 2013 did not behave properly.