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One Way Variable Mapping

Question asked by Harry Zhong on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by Harry Zhong

Is there a way to map datacard variables to file custom properites, but not the other way around?


This is especially important for the Revision variable.


Right now, even though the Revision datacard field is marked Read Only, a user can go to File > Properties inside the CAD or drawing file and change the value and have it save back to the EPDM datacard.


Now, in the case of revision, upon submition to a workflow, the internal counter will correct the revision to what it should be, but in the interim, datacards show this incorrect Revision!


Even worse, I've found instances where the revision table columns linked to "Revision" will take text inputted on the drawing in the rev block and map it to the datacard field!


Quite frustrating on this one, appreciate any advice / help.