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    Dispatch to Swap Variables

    Todd Becker

      Here's my problem.....


      We are implementing EPDM and current SWX files use the custom property "description" but in EPDM will be using the custom property "fdescript".  (We are changing custom properties so that down the road we and talk with Made-to-Manage.)


      I would like to run a dispatch script to do this for all selected files but am failing miserably.  I don't understand how to read in the "description" custom property. I do understand how to write it to the new card variable.



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          Tim Webb

          Hi Todd,


          Below is a brief dispatch 'script' to read the card variable "Project Number". In the variables section, you can change this to be any variable you want. Be sure to include which configuration you want to read from or it won't return a value.


          Summary of dispatch:

          1. For all documents - Loop to run on each document in the selection
          2. Get file - Gets the latest version of the file currently being run against
          3. OK MessageBox - Display the information about the file
          4. End for all documents - Exit the loop


          In the variables button - Use the variable "Var" to temporarily store the variable "Project Number" from the selected file's data card


          See images below (since I am unable to attach the dispatch export):










          Tim CEPA