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Automatically update cutlist for all sheetmetal parts?

Question asked by Chris Manger on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by Brian Braga

I am trying to export the bounding box area for all sheetmetal parts into BOM.   I was hoping there was a way to link a custom property to the Bounding Box Area property in the cutlist, but I dont think this is possible.  I came across this THREADThis method might work for me, since I could export the BOM and clean it up in Excel with VBA.   The problem is, the Bounding Box Area only shows up on the BOM if the CutList is Updated.  I am looking for a way to traverse and assembly and update the custlist for all sheetmetal parts.


If anyone has any tips or alternative methods to get the bounding box area, please let me know.