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Gravity gone wild?

Question asked by Chris Michalski on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by Chris Michalski

Okay I'm in 2009 SP4.1 so this might be a glitch that no longer exists.  I was having problems getting 1 component of an assembly to mesh so I decided to investigate it separately to find usable mesh settings.  Found those, but when I did a simple simulation to verify it was sufficient I get some screwy results.


It's a welded shaft with differing cross-sections.  I started with 2 bearing supports then switched to 2 circular fixtures, both give weird results.  It is fine using a centrifugal load only, but applying gravity or a pressure/force on the OD face towards a reference plane is being misinterpretted somewhere. 


Hints?  Am I missing something here or is this simply a glitch in the Matrix?  I tried gravity and centrifugal on a plain tube and things were fine.

20130507 grav1a.jpg

setup of tube with gravity and 2 cylindrical fixtures


20130507 grav3a.jpg

with centrifugal forces the results are reasonable, very small radial expansion


20130507 grav2a.jpg

But when I apply gravity it acts like it is a HUGE centrifugal load.  It should be bending downward, in the middle, not expanding radially.