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    And Searches in EPDM

    Matthew G. Saroff

      If one has multiple terms in a search field in the name and location tab (for example the search "box corrugated") it gives an "or" result, delivering all results in which the name (or description) contain "corrugated", or "box", or both.


      Is there a syntax that allows one to do an "and" search, where entering in two values will only return those cases where both "corrugated" and "box" are present?


      The picture attached will deliver all files with "box" or "corrugated" (inclusive) in their names.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          You can do "corrugated box" in quotes. This would give you that actual string, in that order...so not exactly an AND search.


          If you want to do an AND I think you need to use the variables control in your search and use it like this:


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              Matthew G. Saroff

              I'm trying to avoid using the variable search, because it is user unfriendly, and it does not appear (I could be missing it) to allow searching for file name.


              I'm looking to put this in a handout to be giving to the drafting team in order for them to avoid redrawing parts that already exist.

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              Charley Saint



              The name field adds wildcards to everything you search for, unless you add your own. For example if you search for test file, it will search using the SQL like command on '%test%' or '%file%'. But if you include asterisk wildcards it will search explicitly for what you type in, ex. test*file will search for 'test%file', *test*file* will search for '%test%file%'. It sounds like the *box*corrugated* search would be what you are looking for.

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                  Charley Saint

                  Also you can use *box*corrugated* *corrugated*box* to find all files regardless of which term comes first.

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                      Jeff Sweeney

                      I haven't figured out why yet...but this is true everywhere in the search tool unless you are using the card control. If you enter


                      *box*corrugated* *corrugated*box*


                      in the card control (2nd tab in the complete search) the search logic seems to be: Any number of characters, the word box, then any number of characters, the word corrugated any number of characters, a space, any number of characters, the word corrugated any number of characters, the word box, any number of characters.


                      It appears spaces do not act like "OR" as they do elsewhere in the search routine.



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                        Brian McEwen

                        *box*corrugated* *corrugated*box* -- I know this works but it is a cumbersome way of doing AND.  I teach our users to use two fields for this type of search.


                        Example with the OOTB Complete Search (which has way too much crap on it for most users):  Name (filename) = box  Text to Find in History = corrugated 

                        Or @Jeff Thomas -- Name = .docx  Text to Find in History = quote   This works as an AND search, but it does tend to get a few more hits.


                        The "Text to find in history" field actually seems to be the single most inclusive searcher - note all the checkboxes that show up with it.

                        So it will search filenames, Descriptions, part numbers, and anything else you have on your data cards.


                        What I did to make this easier is call it simply "TEXT" (I was also considering "Variables") and put it on the first tab of the search. I also set some default values on the checkboxes -  so by default it is only searching filenames and card variables. I only have 4 controls on my Thin Search card, and I think it will cover 95% of searches. Image below is of the more advanced search card I made - with default settings.


                        full search excerpt.JPG

                        (filenames are covered by the Card Variables checkbox because I store the filepath as a variable)


                        One trick is the TEXT field behaves differently than single varaible fields: wildcards behave differently, it doesn't return folders, and quotes are unneccessary (so if you know the order of two words you can just type them in with no quotes). [Edit] also it is a bit slower, if you have a really large vault that could be an issue. For us ~1 second (for 25,000 files) is still very fast because we just came from no PDM system.