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How can i stop showing " a document named " xxxx" is already opened" when opening an Assembly

Question asked by Jakob Arent on May 6, 2013
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Need some help with an issue when opening an assembly in solidworks. After changing the numbering system i have some trouble to open an assembly. The message " document named "xxxx" is already opened, do you want to show this already opened document?" appears too often.... I don't have a problem to click on yes..... but because my assembly has many of the same part the message pops up many many many time. To open the assembly i need to go through many (100) click. And that is frustrating.... The thing is not evey multiple part is doing that just two or three "special parts" seem to have that. Tried to clean the session and rename part. Even deleted one of the parts and created a new part... But it is still doing that. Is somebody able to help me?