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    Processor Usage 12.50%

    Sam Shasteen

      About a week ago Solid Works 2013 stared using 12.50% of the processor even when no models or drawings were open. It appears this don’t start happing until I print a PDF drawing file. The only way to release the 12.50% of the processor usage it to shut Solid Works down and restart it. I have seen another program use 12.50% of the processor usage Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard.  I think it is really Adobe causing this but it is reporting it is Solid Works. 2013, Has anyone seen this or know how to make it release the processor usage without rebooting Solid Works? Thank You, Sam

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          John Sutherland

          12.5% says you are fully utilising one of 8 cores.


          Fully utilising a core for no reason suggests a Windows problem, but it might be easier to first uninstall Adobe and see it that helps SW.



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              Sam Shasteen

              John thank you,

                   We are part of a larger company B/E Aerospace. Their IT department pushes out group policy updates every so often. When I put a repair ticket in it stopped as soon as it started. About 2 weeks ago to get everyone to keep their work on the local server if you opened a file from your local drive they had done some thing to make it crawl so slow it was horrible. As soon as you move it to the server it would run at normal speeds.

                   So I am chalking this one up to something they done.. It was odd it was using 12.5% of the processor. I have seen adobe, and Adobe text extractor used this precise amount of the processor.

                   I use a little program called Process Explorer and I can see what is running and using the processor. With it you can right click on a process and kill it if you don;t want it running.


              Best regards,