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    Solar radiation on parabolic mirror/receiver question

    config test

      I've made a model of a parabolic mirror and a receiver located at the focal point, to simulate radiation concentration on the receiver. i've defined these conditions:

      * in "general settings", solar radiation direction along the axis of symmetry of the parabolic mirror (0,-1,0), intensity:1000W/m^2

      *whitebody condition on the mirror surface and blackbody condition for the receiver.

      * blackbody walls in simulation wizard window

      *goal: net radiation flux, average value

      *I've tried multiple result plots, non show an increased radiation intensity, of more than 1000W/m^2 on the side of the receiver that faces the mirror.

      This is the first time I'm setting up a thermal or radiation analysis, so there must be something wrong with my problem definition and settings. Please help.

      I attached the files.(solidworks 2013)


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          Jared Conway

          can you elaborate on what plots you're using and what value you're plotting?


          also, have you done an energy balance? I noticed that your model has a very very coarse mesh. You may have asked for 1000 but you should check that you're actually getting 1000 on the face.


          I would also start with everything being black bodies and then later on tune the model with other surface radiation properties like white body.