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Assembly Tolerance Stack Calculation

Question asked by Miguel Rodrigues on May 6, 2013

Hello all,


I'm a student of Mechanical Engineering and I'm trying to perform a tolerance stack study on a complex assembly, I have some questions about this process.


Some parts of my assembly are "pre-assembled" before going into the main assembly, how does this translate in the phase in which I'm supposed to select the assembly order?


After selecting the assembly order, no assembly constraints appear on some parts, any idea on what could cause this? I mean those numbers which are to be selected by order; primary, secondary or tertiary (1, 2 or 3).


For example, could it be lack of DimExpert information? Or not having established the proper mating relations? Or maybe related to computer processing? I really don't understand why on some parts there are no constraints available when the mating relations are defined.


Do the mating relations need to be in reference to the previous part (on the assembly order)?


Thanks in advance,

Miguel Rodrigues


PS: I appologise for any English mistakes.