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    How do I get my drawing views back?

    Christopher Anderson

      Calling all SW troubleshooters-


      We are finishing a big project today and I started converting some of our drawings to PDF, only to realize that some drawings have lost part references and all of the dimensions.  Now all I see is a dashed line box with an "X" in the middle.  I have consulted all forum entries that pertain to this issue that I could find, so let me go through what I know:


      1. No parts or drawings have changed locations since initially creating them.  From day 1, they have been in the very same folder.


      2. The drawings that I have lost are showing references to parts that have been deleted from the assembly for several weeks.  I have printed and reviewed these drawings since deleting the parts that are now being used as the reference, and until sometime recent, all was fine.


      3. I have used the browser window to correct the references, and now I can open the correct part by right-clicking on the dotted square in the drawing, but I still see no part views or dimensions.


      4. I have rebuilt and ctrl+q'd many times since correcting the references.


      5. The parts are on our network at work, instead of my pc's c drive, but I have the only Solidworks seat.  A co-worker has edrawings professional and opens the drawings often, but does not make any changes.


      6. I am running Solidworks 2012 on a windows 7 os.


      7. I am using our original prints to correct the drawings, but I need to know what caused this so that I'm not doing hours of unnecessary work in the future.


      8. I have attached a screen shot of what I see now that I have corrected the references.


      Thanks in advance to anyone that could shed some light on this issue for me,